What do we do?

The Problem

Facing the disastrous consequences of human-made climate change, the decarbonization of the raw material sector is a primary necessity with no real solution in sight. At the same time, the increasing scarcity of input materials such as high-grade ores and new requirements of the manufacturing industry  put the entire supply chain under pressure to become more efficient and introduce aspects of circular economy.

The contribution we can make

As material scientists and industrial engineers with extensive background in extractive metallurgy and ultra high-purity materials, we feel we can change how raw materials are generated: from toxic, unsustainable and expensive to safe, carbon-neutral and cheap.

Decarbonizing Speciality Raw Materials

Specialty raw materials have been driving the tech-industry of the 21st century: from catalysts to LEDs, from Batteries to solar cells. Many of these clean-tech products want to contribute to a more sustainable human presence on earth – yet they rely on materials that are from sustainable.

In fact specialty materials for tech applications are often very energy intensive to produce, either because of their low natural abundance – or because of very high requirement towards their purity. In both cases considerable amount of primary energy is employed to generate such materials, alongside with significant waste and toxic gases.

To really reduce our impact on the planet and its climate, new processes need to be designed that help us generate the materials we consume in a carbon-neutral way. Ideally by recycling locally available resources in a circular economy approach.

SiQAL introduces a novel production processes for specialty aluminates

We are a cleantech Startup that  implements a novel production technology for high-purity Alumina (HPA) and Silicon.  In a lean metallurgical process , industrial wastes are up-cycled in a unique chemical reaction which results in a resource-efficient, highly profitable and environmentally benign process. 

We are based in Berlin, Germany.

SiQAL is supported by EIT RawMaterials
within the EIT booster program.

Contact us at info@siqal.de.