Clean precursors for green products
Our process allows it to reduce pure Quartz by aluminum instead of coal. The operation results in precursors which are up to one hundred times purer than natural alumina sources and conventional MG-Si. This paradigm shift towards precursors optimized for high-purity end products simplifies the purification to a lean, environmentally benign process. In addition, SiQAl is able to recycle and valorize waste aluminum to reduce direct CO2 emissions in the production of solar silicon. In this way, overall power consumption and costs of the final goods are drastically reducing.

Basics of the technology have been developed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. SiQAl and its partners will further develop it into a high purity application and implement a production of HPA and silicon.

Moving the supply chain towards lean and green metallurgical processes makes both economical and ecological sense. Indeed, the proposed knowledge driven, high margin, high added value process will strengthen the competitiveness of the European metallurgy industry. It is logically aligned with the goals defined by the European Metallurgy Roadmap[1].