Matthias Heuer (PhD, 47 years) has 20 years of experience in materials science and metallurgy. As Managing Director of Silicor Materials’ R&D section (Calisolar GmbH), he led the development of a refining technology to produce trace pure aluminum and silicon. He was deeply involved in the technical and financial evaluation of strategic developments scenarios as well as in the due diligence for financing, design and planning of a 20’000 metric ton silicon purification plant.

Til Bartel (39 years) holds a PhD in solid state physics on the subject of alumina based LEDs. He has 10 years experience in the semiconductor industry as a manager in product development, process optimization and quality assurance. Heading Calisolar’s silicon analysis and research group, he guided the development and implementation of a process control strategy for Silicor’s production chain and led the design of a laboratory ensuring the quality of a 20’000 metric ton solar silicon plant. Til ensures a sustainable inclusion of the SiQAl plant into a network of renewable energy sources by following a smart factory approach.

SiQAl’s mission is to serve the photovoltaic and electronics industries cost efficient raw materials with minimal environmental impact. We propose a symbiotic production of high-purity  alumina and silicon. Our process valorizes wastes and significantly reduces societal impact thanks to a lean purification technology with near zero waste. Since it uses metallurgical processes, it can readily be ramped and scaled to satisfy a growing demand.

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