SiQAl’s Mission

The high tech energy transition
will make mankind sustainable on earth and save the planet for our children.

Speciality Raw Materials
are key enablers of  this transition. They need to be cheap, green and of high quality to enable efficient consumer products.

High Purity Alumina (HPA) and Silicon
are two cornerstones of the energy transition with a current market volume of $5’000 million and double digit yearly growth. Further cost reductions in solar cells and expansion in efficient lightening (LED) require efficient, cost-effective and sustainable production technologies

SiQAL introduces a novel production process
We are a cleantech Startup that  implements a novel production technology for high purity Alumina (HPA) and Silicon.  In a lean metallurgical process , the materials are symbiotically coupled for the first time which results in a resource efficient, highly profitable and environmentally benign prodcution. The process is ecologically sustainable and specifically designed to serve the needs of the energy transition.

We are based in Berlin, Germany.

SiQAL is supported by EIT RawMaterials
within the EIT booster program.

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