About us

The time is ripe for smart, carbon-neutral and recycling based production processes of raw materials. As industrial material scientists with a strong background in extractive metallurgy and high-purity aluminum-silicon alloys, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution in this important field.

In our previous project, we implemented a novel process for the production of solar silicon from a high-purity aluminum-silicon alloy. We therefore have deep technical and market know-how in these fields. In addition we are well connected with the european academic institutes working in materials and metallurgy. The idea for the SiQAl process was developed in cooperation with partners from the metallurgical department of the university NTNU in Norway.

Matthias Heuer (PhD in Crystallography) has 20 years of experience in materials science and metallurgy. As Managing Director of producer of solar silicon, he led the development of a refining technology to produce trace pure aluminum and silicon.

Til Bartel holds a PhD in solid state physics on the subject of alumina based LEDs. He has 10 years experience in the semiconductor industry as a manager in product development, process optimization and quality assurance.

Contact us at info@siqal.de !