SiQAl enjoys the support and collaboration within an active network of academic and industrial partners. There are ongoing activities with NTNU, ASG Spremberg GmbH, EIT RawMaterials and TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

SiQAl is looking to partner with individuals, institutions and investors who share the vision to source the energy transition with sustainable raw materials. We also welcome partners interested in testing our materials for their special needs.

Investment Opportunities
If you are interested in making an investment in SiQAl, please  contact us.

Off-Take Partners
If you are interested in HPA (4N+) as well as Solar or Battery Grade Silicon, please  contact us.

Battery Manufacturing using SiQAl’s Silicon
SiQAl is investigating the feasibility of using its high purity, low cost silicon as an anode in hihg-performance Li-Ion Batteries. If you are interested in  this vision, please contact us.

Research & Development Opportunities
SiQAl is a strong supporter of R&D activity. We are interested in supporting research in the use of HPA and high purity silicon for novel applications.

If you would like to work with SiQAl, then please contact Til or Matthias.